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The world is today facing major climatic changes due to increased carbon emissions, with each person contributing a substantial amount every year. The only long term solution to address this problem is to reduce or modify the consumption and production patterns and lead more sustainable lifestyles.

At Worldview Impact, we are trying to attain the same by building sustainable models around agroforestry projects in the developing world. In our flagship project in India we encourage local communities to specifically grow rubber trees with pineapples and oranges organically following a multi cropping integrated farming system as these are highly efficient in binding greenhouse gases (GHG) and thus can have an immediate effect in terms of reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, this model helps communities to get rid of poverty as they can generate income by selling rubber products, thus ensuring sustainable future. Our mission is to make the green investments grow in the projects that are mitigating climate change at the grassroots level and generating sustainable livelihood opportunities at the same time.

We have a triple bottom line model wherein we are offering environmental benefits and poverty reduction strategies along with profits. We aim to reduce poverty by encouraging local communities to plant rubber trees as well as other fruit crops suitable for the local environments, and then earning incomes through selling them. We also help generate employment by training the local community on how to clear lands, make compost and produce micro organisms for fertilizing, which further enhance productivity of fields. In addition to all this, we ensure that some part of income earned through selling rubber products, goes into communities or local institutions who provide the land, as part of sharecropping, lease agreements, or other methods.

We invite both individuals and companies to participate in our green business opportunities across India. We would partner with companies and support them in their CSR engagements at the same time help them mitigate their carbon footprints. We would assist the companies in the overall community development by reducing poverty and providing employment opportunities to the locals.

Here is your chance to give back to the planet! Each one of us on average in the developed world produces 10 tonnes of carbon each year, and we can help reverse this by planting 10 rubber trees each a year.

Plant a Rubber Tree for the Planet! Buy your rubber tree here, then register the name of the tree, and a tree will be planted in your name or in the name of a loved one.

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